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"COMING SOON...Online Attractions - Featuring all of the beautiful men and women searching for LOVE"
by: Victoria Leal
In my attempts to find the love of my life, I knew that they were not going to be found in the town where I lived, so I took to the Internet. My first experience was the result of a television commercial. They looked so darn happy, you couldnít help but wonder if this could also work for you, so I tried it. Put it this way, finding my ďMr. RightĒ may have ended up costing me a small fortune!

Then one day I was working on my computer and along came an annoying pop-up. Normally, I delete them as fast as they pop-up, but this one caught my eye. It was for another dating site. Once inside the site, I was amazed at all of the handsome black men and a few white ones too, who were looking for the perfect black woman.

Because of how I am, my desire for monogamy, this is who I was looking for, someone who had the same desire as me. What I quickly found out, on my first night on the site is that most men donít even bother to read your profile they just look at your picture and click! Thanks for the compliment, I think? However, when a man takes the time to read your profile, he is going a little deeper than just the physical attraction and actually learns a little about you before sending you a message.

At that time my profile was a little friendlier, more inviting. What I found was that I spent more time eliminating those who did not fit the bill until I thought I had found the one. However I have a hard time giving all of my attention and affection to someone who is not returning the favor. And because of who I am, it is not in my nature to be intimate with more than one person at a time. To me, intimacy definitely includes more than just sex. It involves allowing a person to really get to know who you are, what your likes and dislikes are, what your loves and fears are, trusting to the point of vulnerability. So because I was not getting what I needed in return for what I was giving, I said audios!

I decided to give this site another go. This time I spelled out exactly what I expected in my profile. It was probably more intimidating to some. I think that they could tell that I was very serious about what I am saying and if they are all about the game, they donít even bother to click. Thatís good! As I say, that way I donít have to bother cutting away the fat to get to the meat. Or as one gentleman said, ďthe apples at the top of the tree are more appealing but the ones on the ground are easier to get.Ē I am still the same person, but this time I am realizing that itís really all about the game. The object of the game is to talk with whomever you want, as many as you want, as much as you want, as intimately as you want, all at the same time, and finally, if you choose to do so, you can select the one who has won you over from all of your many admirers. However, donít forget that while you are being pursued by him, he is being pursued by others and he is also pursuing others at the same time he is pursuing you. Itís like one big orgy!

For this very reason, I donít think that online dating is right for me. But letís turn that around. Online dating is what you make it. You can play by your own rules. As for me, I really donít care what the others do; I will stick to my molasses method of one person at a time. The problem is finding that one who would be willing to give up the buffet to see what the steak taste like. Iím sure that it will take me longer this way to find the one who is right for me, but after all when I do, it will have been well worth the timeófor both of us!

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